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Video: Does Plucking Gray Hair Make More Grow?

Video Transcript

Hi, I¡¯m Xtah, and this is, ¡°Does plucking gray hair make more grow?¡± Absolutely not! Not at all! The only thing that it is, is that the color molecules within the genetic code are saying no to put color molecules in, and then it stops. It¡¯s not going to send a signal to the rest of the hair and say, ¡°Don¡¯t do more color molecules of growing!¡± The only thing that¡¯s going to happen is, either A: it¡¯s going to grow back as a gray hair again, or it¡¯s just not going to grow at all because the follicle is damaged. Just like regular waxing, when you start waxing or pulling out the hair, it kind of does something to the follicle, and it may or may not grow back.

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