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Baby Naming Ceremony's across the Globe

This custom is performed to bless the New Born with the blessings of the god and the participants in the family.

In different cultures it is termed in their own diverse idiom which bestows it with the color of their own customs and traditions.

Naming ceremonies in various religion and mores

Christian Baby Naming Ceremony

Usually Christians don't perform this ritual but depending on the Church's   branch like in America christening ceremony is either simple blessing and thanksgiving or a proper baptism which, can be performed after hardly any weeks or months of the Baby's birth. In Church Christian or American Baby Naming custom is performed by dressing up New Born in white gown if it is an American Girl Baby Naming norm and in case of American Baby Boy the outfit may be generational token. The most significant part of the ceremony is to choose the "Godparent" who is responsible for educating the child on part of Bible in their absence which is performed after the New Born is well dressed in accordance with the ceremonial to be performed.

After this the priest blesses the new sole with the name selected by the parents, flicker a few holy drops water on the infant's head and crafts a cross (the symbol of purity). The Baby's Name is then registered in the church's records. 

Than small dig up together is held where in baby is blessed by the attendants of the day with lodes of gifts and toys that ends up with reading poems and performing dance by the elderly gatherers. 


Hindu Baby Naming Ceremony

The rite in Hindu varies from place to place and state to state but is termed as "Namkaran". In India or in Hindu's this custom is a vital as per the purity and the fresh beginning of the Infant is concerned. Let me describe one performed in Utter Pradesh. In UP it is performed on the 11th or 12th or on 27th day after birth of a child depending on the birth chart (horoscope) of the youngster. After the day is preferred priest (Pandit) is also called to perform the prayer as there is a small sacred purifying custom involving God of Fir (Havan). The priest selects the first phonetic latter of the Hindu Baby Name by its birth chart. Than the Baby Name List is prepared in the mean while, Sacrifices are made to the fire god (Agni Dev or Havan) to purify and bless the New Born. After this the selected name is announced by the priest.Than a small gathering is apprehended where in Relatives and Neighbors are invited to bless the New Life. The attendants bless the kid by giving gifts in mode of money, silver or gold ornaments or cloths etc. The guests are offered lunch and a return gift in the form of Sweets and or utensils.  

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