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Lamaze Toys For Your Baby

The initial stage of your child's development is crucial.
You want to be there to witness, let alone get completely involved in the progress taking place in your child's life.
Parents with the help of their babies and in collaboration with some experts at Yale University, created what is called the Lamaze Infant Development System.
Part of this system, came the learning development toys made by Learning Curve Brands.
Lamaze baby toys are scientifically designed based on the stages of the infant's growth.
The initial stage is known as the "awakening the senses", followed by "exploring and experimenting" and the third stage is called "moving and doing".
As popular as they are nowadays, Lamaze baby toys do not supply academic research to back the claim the appropriateness of each toy.
These toys only make it easy for parents to select from each stage which toy is suitable for their kid development-wise.
Most proceeds from sales of the playthings often go back to Lamaze International to continue their theory research on child development.
Each time you buy a set of these toys, parents are also provided with a simple guideline on how to use them, to achieve the desired effects at home.
As for the safety of the child while playing, this is of utmost concern to the parents.
But Lamaze have proven time and again that is absolutely safe.
It has passed several U.
certification standards as well as quality standards in China.
Lamaze had also won numerous international awards including the U.
Nappa "Federal Conservation Publication" institution's awards and the Amsterdam news award.
Lamaze's paramount objective is the safety of your baby.
It is beneficial on both ways to parents and the child as the philosophy encourages the parents to interact properly with their baby.
They help the infant develop intimacy with their parents, too.
Further studies have shown that while these set of stuff inspire babies to smile and laugh through the years of their growth, babies just love to play with them.
Lamaze baby toys mostly have the same features such as: plush and soft body, wide variety of colors and textures, cute and friendly big eyes, soft handles for baby to grab and hold on to, teething rings for your baby to chew on safely.

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