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Cool Election Poster Ideas

    Slogans and Design

    • Come up with a memorable slogan and, when possible, link your slogan to your design. Use colors, phrases and interesting designs to draw the eye to your posters. Try and maintain a consistency when it comes to your slogans and color schemes used for your posters, as this will help cement your candidate's platform and the information in the public mind. Consider hiring a graphic designer to create a 3D effect for your poster. Remember, however, whatever technique you employ, always have text that can be clearly read and understood by the audience you are trying to reach.

    Themes and Events

    • Come up with a theme that creates a buzz. For example, consider getting a local band to pose for your poster with a slogan that fits your theme. Find a celebrity to promote your cause or campaign for you. Few moves draw as much attention to your cause as enlisting a local or national celebrity. Have an event tied to your ideas. For example, a picture on your poster with local high school students volunteering at a blood drive can be tied to your pledge to promote more community involvement on health care and wellness.

    Target Your Audience

    • Target your posters toward an specific audience. If you are trying to get 18-year-olds to a speech, consider having an image of your candidate as a teen next to him with perhaps a humorous quote about his or her first foray into community involvement or political campaigns. Then offer a list of issues the candidate plans to address if elected that that demographic group would care about.

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