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How to To Stop Your Dog From Peeing in the House

As much as you may love your dog when they pee in the house they are no longer very lovable.
If you are annoyed with cleaning up after this lovable family member, you can put an end to this problem with a little time and effort.
Once you have spent the time to train your dog they can be a valuable member of your family with little time and effort.
First, you must train your dog.
Get yourself a video on how to house train your dog.
Then follow what it says so that you can get your dog trained and you will not have to stres out about them peeing in your house.
It is important to be patient because it takes time for them to get used to holding it until you take them for a walk and they can relieve themselves.
Second, you may want to follow some simple habits to get your dog on the right road.
Negative association usually works.
Make your pet smell the mess and tell them it is wrong what they did.
Third, if they have done their business in an appropriate location, reward them for being a good dog.
A reward can be loving or a treat.
Let your dog know when they have done well.
Fourth, establish a routine when you either walk your dog or let them out in the yard.
You want to establish a routine.
Soon your dog will learn to hold it until you walk them or let them out.

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