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Macau Hotels: Some Beautiful Moments

Macau is an ancient city with multitude of ancient attractions. Hilly winding streets, back alleys and European style architectures adorn the city with an unmatched look and feel. It is a small city that can be explored on foot. However, within so small area, you have plenty of attractions which demand good time of yours to pay a visit to all of them. You need to be energetic enough to cover all the attractions in a single day. Its area of 17 square kilometers possesses magnificent accommodations for the visitors. Macau hotels provide you with fabulous accommodations for the visitors. They are very well equipped with all wonderful amenities.

Macau sometimes passes for Lisbon when you have a brief look at it. The European style architecture and plaza impart such look and feel to the city. Once you land in here, you will definitely wish to spend some more time here. And you will hardly have any problem in finding an accommodation within your budget because Macau hotels are available in wide range. Right from cheap to luxurious accommodations get you in absolute comfort in the city. Even the Macau budget hotels offer you splendid facilities.

Out of several splendid attractions in the city, Church of Sao Paulo is the central one. Though an extensive fire engulfed most of the part of the church in 1835, the remaining faade still impresses you a lot. And you will enjoy the viewing the ruins up close after climbing the stairs. If you are here in night, it will be even more stunning experience. Thereafter, you take another set of stairs and you reach the citadel of Sao Paulo do Monteyou will find the cannon here which spoiled Dutch invasion in 1622. So, it is always a good idea to be at the Church if you are not able to see the fantastic view of the city from your Macau hotels.

You must visit the temple of Goddess A-Ma and Lin Fong Temple too. A visit to the old protestant cemetery is also a fabulous excursion. Lou Lim Ioc garden has some nice attributes that can entertain you

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