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Can I Start a Fig Tree From Cuttings?


    • Deciduous and picturesque, the fig tree -- Ficus carica -- typically grows 10 to 30 feet tall. Fig branches spread wider than they are tall, shading out everything growing beneath. The tree dies in a sharp frost, but grows back readily from roots or branch cuttings.


    • Fig trees propagate easily. They grow from seed -- even seed extracted from dried fruits -- tissue culture or cuttings. Fig growers generally plant foot-long cuttings of mature wood at least 2 years old.

    Expert Advice

    • Horticulturists at Purdue University recommend that you plant fig cuttings within 24 hours. Before planting, treat both ends of the cutting. Put sealant on the upper end to prevent disease and dip the root end in a growth-promoting hormone.

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