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Balloons: The Most Successful Promotional Item

As far as marketing strategies are concerned promotional materials are amongst the most effective. There are many advantages to using promotional materials as part of a business marketing campaign, not only are they much more cost effective than other forms of advertising or marketing. For instance, hiring specialist personnel or paying for television advertising, they also reach a very broad range of people, dependent of course on the type of promotional item that is purchased.

Cost-effective, time-efficient, methods of advertising can be equally profitable as the more lengthy style of campaigning. Probably, the most common item used, as promotional items are promotional balloons. Balloons are printed with a businesses logo, and perhaps embossed with a slogan, and then distributed to potential customers. Balloons are fantastic as a product for use in promotion; they are easily circulated to wide numbers of people. They are very common at trade fairs, tradeshows, exhibitions, shopping centresthe list is exhaustive, promotional balloons are rarely out of place. Making them, potentially, the best promotional material available and indeed, this idea is supported by the prevalence of branded balloons, we are sure you have probably commandeered one or two yourself?

Promotional balloons come in many varieties: different styles, sizes, colours, gasses. They can be made from thick foil with helium inside, to provide a touch of class to marketing campaigns, or they can be made of latex with air inside, suitable for mass-production. However, of course, the greatest advantage to using balloons as a promotional item is the ease at which they can be customised. Once a brand name has been embossed upon the balloons, the allure of the balloons can increase tenfold, particularly once they have been inflated, this gives a polished effect, and like magpies, we all flock to the shiny objects.

People are naturally attracted to balloons, perhaps it is the magpie-effect that causes this natural affiliation to an inflatable balloon, or maybe it is nostalgia. We all remember how incredible it was to be bought a balloon when we were children, perhaps our attraction to them as adults stems back to childhood?

Either way, our point is that as a promotional object, balloons are one of the most favourable because most people are happy to receive one. At trade fairs and conferences many potential customers will select promotional balloons to take away to give to their children, but secretly, it is probably simply because everyone loves balloons. Old and young, professional and amateur whether we care to admit it is another story entirely, but the fact remains, promotional balloons are amongst the most popular of promotional materials. Balloons have the capacity to captivate, to grab the attention, and as such, provide an excellent means for conveying a business corporate message.

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