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Secrets Revealed, Traps Laid, and Darkness Awaits, as Doctor Who Goes To War!

There's something so enthralling about aliens and inter-galactic wars that are spread over light years! Although, anybody having their allegiances with the Doctor Who camp, would not find the prospect of the Battle of Demons Run pretty alluring.

S06E07 might just sound the death knell of all things good! To begin with, the last time we saw the Doctor and his coterie in action, Amy Pond had gone missing and River Song was caught somewhere in the limbo!

And that's pretty much the gist of it, except that the Headless Monks of Demons Run will be there; not to mention the return of the cybernetic villains – The Cybermen! Moreover, revelation awaits some of the darkest secrets that River has been hiding from the Doctor. Must say, that's an awful lot of juice for the viewers to handle in the upcoming Doctor Who S06E07.

Talking about the looming battle, the Doctor and Rory Williams are on their way, moving from one galaxy to the other, revoking old alliances, and invoking old debts and promises. Their efforts are directed towards one cause, and one cause only; and that is to find Amy. There's also an additional motivation of surviving the battle. But the twist in the tale lies in the fact that both the Doctor and Rory are unaware of Amy's pregnancy.

As the show is taking a break after this installment, we won't be able to catch Doctor Who in action for a while. That provides us with all the more reasons to catch season 6 episode 7. In case you happen to miss the installment, the option of a download is always available (after the official release of course).

And for those planning to watch Doctor Who season 6 episode 7 online, tread a little carefully as little splinters of spoilers can ruin the whole experience. Just like the whole River Song situation, as we're still waiting for some sort of stamp of approval for her and her relationship with the Doctor. She holds the key in the upcoming war, but she sits somewhere, looking forlornly at the sky, knowing that the darkest times are at hand.  And, maybe, the only way she can save him is if she can summon the strength to reveal her darkest secrets to him.

As Amy is being held captive by the mysterious Eye Patch Lady, Doctor and Rory are on the lookout for her, and are raising an army of their own. But little do they know that they are actually walking right into a well laid trap. Viewers waiting for a Doctor Who season 6 episode 7 download would be thrilled to know that accompanying the Cybermen, will be seen other alien beings like the Silurians and the Sontarans.
For the Doctor, it's all or nothing this time!

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