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Dating and Relationship Tips for Today"s Smart Men

Dating Women.
Relating to women.
They are beautiful, gorgeous, and wonderfully feminine.
But how can I get one to like me?Is that what you think sometimes? How on earth does a guy figure them out?If I say one thing, she may cry.
If I say something else she may throw her shoe at me.
How do I score with a foxy lady? You have probably heard about the ton of female dating books out there and advice that gives women all kind of unfair advantages over men.
Well here is something just for you men that would like to make a positive impression and possibly win the heart of a woman.
We are going to start with tips and tools men can use immediately to connect with women on dates and in relationships that will follow.
Let's start with these three tips: 1.
Chivalry in dating is not dead.
No matter what some say.
It is alive and well.
There are a few feminists who would become irate if a man holds open the door or pulls out a chair for the girl, but the majority of women appreciate gestures more than you can imagine.
It makes them feel cherished and special.
Avoid strange tics and behaviors.
If you are someone who has an odd little behavior, like tapping your fingers relentlessly on the table, you should really try and control it, particularly on the first few dates! Not that a woman won't want you because of a tic after she got to know you over time, but you might annoy her initially.
When you are going to pick her up for a date, consider picking up a little something special.
It doesn'thave to cost a fortune, but women love romance.
While something like flowers might seem clichéd, it is still romantic that very few women would be offended.
If you don't like the traditional roses, try picking out something different, modern with a romantic twist.
Choose a pretty plant or some other flower.
I am sure she would like it and appreciate it.
There are so many nice and thoughtful things you can do to impress a woman; use you imagination and get the ball rolling.

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