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Designer Bags It is All About Carrying Yourself in Style!

There is mention of bags being used in the classic Hindu epics Mahabharata, and Ramayana. As also are there sufficient evidence of the existence e of carry bags in our legends and puranas.  Suffice it to say that mankind invented bags the day, he or she needed to go out and also carry some valuables. Today, you simply cannot think of a life that is totally devoid of the presence of different kinds of bags. Such is their impact and influence on our lives.

Bags of all kinds, types, sizes and material have literally transformed our lives and made it possible for us to traverse the more sedentary sticking to your home, neighbourhood, village, town, city or country to a highly mobile being that can traverse the globe and across it in pursuit of education and work without a care in the world.

Potlis, carry bags, hand bags, clutches, and what not… the range is vast to say the least!

The moment you talk of designer bags, you are presented a wide, rich and a bewildering variety of potli bags, shopping bags, carry bags, hand bags,  clutches and the small purses that women carry to keep loose change and some basic make up items.

What is more, without exception all of them come with an irresistible fare (or should we say visual treat) that is full of the best of embroidery, patch work, bead work, mirror work,  shell work, and what not. The colours used in all of them are also equally attractive and bright.

As for the material used in making these designer bags, beginning with cotton, then on to linen, and other synthetic material to more fancied and environment-friendly fibers like jute just about every available option is used liberally here.

Designer clutches are the talk of the town today!

Of late designer made clutch bags made out of cotton, silk, and a liberal dose of mirror work, and jardozy has caught the fancy and imagination of our ladies. The clutches are particularly preferred as they are relatively small and pretty easy and looks graceful to carry around say in party or any other get together.

Women normally keep their essentials like some ready cash, their cell phone device, basic make up articles like lip stick or gloss, and a comb, etc.

On the other hand, potlis are typically Indian carry bags that are very tastefully created allowing for ample decorations by way of patch work , mirror work, etc.

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