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How Can I Watch TV on My Blackberry?

    • 1). Press the "Menu" button on your BlackBerry device to display the Home screen.

    • 2). Select the "BlackBerry App World" icon. The BlackBerry App World application opens.

    • 3). Navigate to the PrimeTime2Go application and click "Download" to download and install the program to the device. The PrimeTime2Go application will notify the user that the service will be activated when the monthly subscription is paid. A PIN number is provided to the user for making the payment.

    • 4). Open a browser (on a computer or on the device) and open the page

    • 5). Click "Subscribe Now" button. Check the checkbox to accept the Terms of Service.

    • 6). Select your device from the dropdown list, and then select your carrier from the second dropdown. Click "Continue."

    • 7). Type your Name and Email Address into the respective input boxes. The email address you provide should be your Paypal email address.

    • 8). Type the PIN number provided on the BlackBerry device, and then confirm the PIN. Click "Subscribe!." The account is placed in the activation queue. Once the account is activated, the application becomes "live" on the device. This may take up to 24 hours but usually takes much less time. Once the application is live, you may browse and search for TV shows to place in your queue for downloading. You may select a show or the entire series.

    • 9). Press the "Menu" button on the device to show the Home screen.

    • 10

      Select the "PrimeTime2Go" icon to start the program. Select to "Browse" or "Search" for TV shows. Select the individual shows or series to download. When the device is in range of a wireless network. the application will download the TV shows to the device. A progress percentage, indicating the percentage of the show currently downloaded, is displayed on the thumbnail of each show.

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