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A Historical View of Model Boat Building

Everything starts somewhere and grows through time.
Generations change and advance through time.
Technology plays a role in the development of things through time and as we can access more information we are faster, smarter, and more adept at things than ever before.
Most progress is good and comes from expertise in particular areas that grow and change through time.
History does and always should play a role in the way things evolve.
The more things change the more we need to consult the historical point of view to see how the evolution occurred.
Model boat building has become an amazing and quite elaborate hobby.
It is filled with lifelike boats that are literally exact replicas of their real life counterparts.
When you look back at model boats through time they paled in comparison to the extravagant versions out today.
However you have to have some respect for the veteran boats as they form the basis of this fast growing hobby.
Much as the construction of model boats has evolved through the years so too has the variety of options for which you can choose to build.
It's simply amazing how much the playing field for model boat builders has grown to the point it's at now.
It used to be that there were only wooden boats to build.
The kits were much simpler, the build was much easier as compared to today, and the tools required were few.
Your options were limited but you knew what you were getting when you began the construction.
Now you have wood as an option, but it's only one of many.
You can construct model boats out of metal, plastic, and even paper.
There are so many different pieces, parts, and accessories-it's come to be that almost no two boats are the same.
You can still create a rather scaled back version by today's standards or you can pump it up so that you end up with a completely customized model with all the bells and whistles.
Some prefer to go with the traditional model, while others are in it for the thrill of the new quest and the fantastic final product.
There's truly something for everyone! As with anything, the model boat building hobby has grown and progressed through the years.
While there is still a respect and place for the historical models and techniques, it has evolved into a whole new ball game.

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