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How to Stop Snoring Even As You Grow Old

If you have been wondering how you or your snoring spouse manages to produce those nerve wracking chainsaw snoring noises all through the night you might be happy to read how the noise emanates.
The throat air passage gets narrow due to muscle relaxation, the narrow air passage block proper breathing flow leading to obstructed breathing.
The constant snores are caused due to the soft throat tissue which vibrates between the constricted air passages.
Snoring is a sleep related issue that can affect any age and millions suffer from it cutting across nations and cultures.
A long term snorer stands at a high risk of developing severe health related problems and if you have been snoring every night, it is time to take action.
Apart from sleep deprivation that follows habitual snorers, you are at risk of developing heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension and strokes.
In men, there are chances of developing erectile dysfunction and low libido.
In recent years, snoring has started affecting more people due to a sedentary lifestyle and low exercise routines.
According to sleep related studies, it has been found out that the percentage of people over the age of 40 snore more.
Many factors need to be taken into consideration and obesity, addiction to alcohol, smoking play their role in increasing snoring.
High consumption of dairy products in your diet are known to produce high mucus that blocks sinus and causes obstructed breathing.
Experts advise snorers to cut down alcohol intake as it relaxes the muscles of the throat leading to snoring while smoking causes inflammation in the respiratory passages which in turn obstructs breathing and increases snoring.
Most respiratory diseases are also linked with nicotine addiction that causes the breathing air passages to swell and narrow down permanently.
While high alcohol intake, loosens the muscles of the throat and jaw so it is best to avoid or at least limit your intake if you are seriously looking for a healthier, snore free life.
Both men and women over the age of 40 years, tend to put on weight which is a major cause for snoring.
The extra fat layers around the throat area increase pressure on the throat, constricting throat passages resulting in obstructed breathing while the tongue tends to fall back due to loose jaw muscles increasing the frequency of the snores.
Over the counter medications and sedatives add to the list with advancing age and these are other factors that contribute to higher levels of snoring.
Mostly ignored or laughed at snorers, people are unaware that medium and heavy snoring often times results in sleep apnea, a life threatening disorder.
If you have been suffering from snoring and its ill effects, it may be time to either start using anti snoring remedies such as anti snoring drops, throat sprays, mouth pieces, chin straps and nasal straps.
It is also recommended that heavy snorers should consult a sleep disorder specialist who can then conduct tests in the sleep laboratory to come up with preventive sleep apnea measures for a healthier life.

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