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Simple Ways to Help Your Body Overcome Cancer

Once upon a time many years ago diseases like cancer were mostly unheard of.
There was a time when our environment was that of balance, where the things we took into our bodies didn't cause us the harm as they do today.
Practically everything we put into our bodies today is full of environmental toxins and pollutants.
These toxins are causing our bodies to develop diseases like Cancer and a whole host of other problems for us.
We are in a constant battle with pollution and it affects every single person in this world, to one extent or another.
There is no avoiding it, but there is an elegant and even simple way to battle this intrusive and invisible killer.
Consider this; back in the 1900's when we started the use of chemical fertilizers in farming is when people started to have real problems with the diagnoses of cancer.
In 1900, 41,000 Americans died of Cancer, a death rate of about 64 people per 100,000 Americans.
In 1994 this number nearly tripled where over 1,250,000 people in America were diagnosed with cancer and 547,000 of those would die from this plague by 1995.
It is now 2011 and the rate is now 1 in every 3 people with cancer will die.
Why have these numbers raised so much in the years that have passed? It is because the environment that we have made ourselves is now killing us all, slowly over time and it is now unavoidable no matter where you live.
It is a true fact that environmental pollution is traveling our jet stream and rains its poisonous rain down on us all no matter where we live.
The battle we wage against environmental pollution is failing.
We must look within to battle this problem instead of facing it from the outside, where environmentalists are failing in their effort to clean up our world.
The problem is the world isn't on their side, so unfortunately to us it seems we are losing this battle.
Fortunately for us there is a solution to aid our bodies in the removal of environmental pollutants from our bodies and promote balance back into our lives.
Right now the balance that should be in our world is nonexistent, and disease and illness are a direct result of our environmental contamination.
We must aid our bodies in the removal of environmental pollution because what your body is unable to remove naturally, it is forced to absorb into tissues and organs.
Overtime these toxins causes the balance in your body to shift from alkaline to acidic, where diseases like cancer can take over and your battle to stay alive begins.
There is no cure in this world other than your own body, your body is the only thing that can cure and heal.
No doctor, no drug and no natural remedy can cure, only your body has that ability.
Once you help your body in removing these pollutants, then and only then can it begin to heal itself and overcome many different types of diseases.
Environmental pollution is the root cause of 95% of the problems we face today.
So, why not take a chance, remove them and see your body's ability to heal itself, it is absolutely amazing what your body is capable of.

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