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Effective Free Traffic Generation Methods

There are a multitude of free internet traffic generation methods available online, but some are more effective and worth your time than others.
If you've struggled to get traffic to your website and you can't afford to buy paid traffic, such as pay-per-click or banner advertising, free web traffic may be your only option at this point.
Here are five of the best free ways to get your website some visitors: Search Engine Optimization One of the best ways you can increase your web traffic is to get your website into the major search engine results.
The majority of search engine traffic comes from Google, so that is where you should focus your search engine optimization efforts.
Learn how to focus on ranking for "long tail" keywords.
Blog and Forum Commenting Leaving an informative post with a link to your site can attract a large number of qualified visitors.
Be sure you stay on topic and offer value in your blog or forum posts.
Article Writing This is an excellent way to spread your website link and can also help your search engine optimization efforts, especially if your article is well-written and has valuable information.
Social Media Socializing with others of like mind through social media (such as Facebook and Twitter) can result in targeted clicks as well as valuable contacts for furthering your online endeavors.
Video Marketing This method can bring a steady stream of visitors from popular sites such as YouTube.
Be sure to mention your website in the video and give a link.
These are not the only free traffic generation methods, but they are worth your investment of time and effort.
If you can't afford paid traffic methods, your most valuable asset right now is your time and effort.
In fact, even if you can afford paid traffic, it's important to learn how to use these five basic free traffic generation methods.

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