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How to Get Your Ex Back - For Guys Only!

So, you want to get your ex back? They say that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce.
What does that say about people who aren't even married?! It is all too common to break up, and all too common to want your ex back.
Are you one of these people? Read on for my tips on getting your ex back.
You need to set your emotions aside here.
Serenading her at midnight under a clear sky may be very romantic, but it will come off as creepy that her ex is at her house late at night singing about his love.
Trust me; you do not want to come off as a stalker or creep.
Grow a heart of stone for a month or two.
First off, even if you totally disagree with the breakup, and you cannot think of a more stupid thing to do, you have to agree with her.
Tell her 'yeah you're totally right, I am too high maintenance.
You can't cope with me' that sets up a challenge for her, making you seem the prize, and also puts you in control of the situation.
This is good because it now seems as though you are the one making the decisions here.
After those words, do not contact her at all.
Give her the cold shoulder theory, which can be found on other articles.
There is a chance that the breakup was just her way of saying 'things need to change.
' So change them.
Are you letting yourself go? Lose the tummy! Are you becoming independent? Go out with loads of mates.
Basically, whilst you aren't together, have fun.
Eventually you will want to find your ex again.
Let her see that you have changed and seduce her once more.
Start over like it is a new relationship.
Explore each other and make sure, please, please, please make sure, that this relationship is ten times better than the last.

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