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How to Filter Your Fish Tank Water in Australia

    • 1). Decide what type of filter you want for your tank. There are many different kinds of filters. A cannister filter filters from the outside of the tank. An internal filter can be placed anywhere on the bottom of the tank. There are also hang-on filters, which hang from the rim of your tank. Air-driven filters work by a forcing air through a filter and an under-gravel filter can be placed inside your tank under tank rocks or gravel.

    • 2). Determine what size filter you will need to fit your tank. It is important to not choose a filter that is too big or too small for your tank. Make sure you know the volume of your tank in order to determine which filter best suits your needs.

    • 3). Attach the filter to your tank, and then fill the tank with water and other decorations as desired. Plug the filter in once everything is secured.

    • 4). Allow the water to flow through the tank with the filter on before placing your aquatic animals into the tank.

    • 5). Unplug the filter and remove it from the tank when it needs to be cleaned. If the filter is a carbon filter, simply remove the carbon film, throw it away, and replace it with a new one by sliding the film into place. For a sponge filter, remove the sponge, rinse it out, rinse out the rest of the filter, and then replace the sponge. Place the filter back in the tank and plug it in.

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