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Bonsai Techniques Part 2

There are many different approaches when considering growing a bonsai tree. Firstly you can either grow from cuttings, air layering, bonsai tree cuttings, or tree seeds, which of course patience is involved when growing from seed. But the easiest starting point in my opinion for a beginner is to buy a tree from a plant nursery which needn't be expensive. Just search the net and make your choice wisely.

To grow a bonsai tree many find or seem to think that the skill involved takes a great deal of time and effort or discipline. I am not saying that it doesn't take skill or effort but for someone starting out they should not be put off or discouraged by technical terms but encourage through clear and practical steps. So for the beginner who may be apprehensive growing a bonsai from cuttings and trying to keep them alive, buying from a nursery is a good place to start.

Then when there confidence grows and learn how to take care of there bonsai then they can move onto more technical skills and will have the confidence to carry out tasks that they may have thought so difficult at first.

If you do choose to grow a bonsai from any normal plant material it will still take some time to grow as training the plant material is stressfull on the plant itself. That's why selecting one from a nursery will be able to with stand that kind of stress when training it.

1)Choosing A Bonsai From A nursery

2)Here are some important things to look for when choosing bonsai tree for the first time if you are training from stock.

3)Don't go for the most dramatic looking tree. Remember you are looking for one that you are going to train.So choose a small tree.

4)Choose a healthy looking pre-bonsai tree.

5)Make sure that you check the roots of the pre-bonsai tree stock. The main roots of the tree should be healthy and set apart at regular intervals.

6)Roots should leave the tree from all directions.

7)Choose a pre-bonsai tree that has several low hanging branches.

8)Make a point of selecting a plant with a fair number of branches. The more branches there are the better.

9)Pick a tree with a trunk that is smaller at the top and gets wider going towards the base.

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