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How to Make PS2 Games Stop Skipping

    Fixing a Scratched or Skipping Disc

    • 1). Hold your CD up to a light to locate its scratches. If you can see light through the scratches, they are too deep to be fixed.

    • 2). Use a soft towel, lens cloth or cotton ball to clean the disc. Always move from the inside out, never rotating around the disc in a circular motion as this will only push dirt further into the scratches and has the chance to make them deeper and harder to repair. You can also use a small amount of water and soap to help clean the disc further. Always let it dry before trying it out again.

    • 3). Squirt a thin strip of baking soda toothpaste onto your cloth and slowly work it over the disc. Use a toothpaste with as few additives as possible, as gel pastes leave a sticky film on the disc. Use the toothpaste as a polish and buff the disc from the inside of the disc to the rim in a straight line.

    • 4). Use furniture wax, metal polish (such as Brasso) or other mild abrasives such as Pledge if the toothpaste fails to work. Apply it to the scratched area and work the polish in, remembering to rub in a straight line from the inside to the outside.

    • 5). Purchase a commercial grade repair solution or repair kit if all other attempts fail. Use the solution as instructed.

    • 6). Purchase a disc repair machine, or travel to a nearby video game store or video rental store and use their's. Most companies will charge for using their repair machines so purchasing one for the long term may eventually save money.

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