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Bike Helmet and Security

As the traffic is increasing day by day, large numbers of accidents are happening every day.
So everyone is concerned about their security.
The prime things that can provide security from accidents are the bike helmets.
In earlier days it provides security from head injuries.
However, now the situation has changed.
It now has various advanced features which makes it more attractive.
The emergence of new bike helmets is used by many manufacturers to attract clients by giving ads offering free helmets along with ads for motorcycles for sale.
They are making attractive offers to catch the attention of bike lovers.
There are number of factors which cause difficulty to bike owners to communicate while they are travelling.
The first thing is that they are not capable to place mobile phone in their ear with their hand while they are driving.
If he does so, it can cause the violation of traffic rules and, moreover that it increases the probability of accidents.
The next thing is the noise which makes it not able to hear what the person from other side is saying.
By using helmet, he can get rid of unwanted noise and can hear what others are saying.
Now the recent attraction is the integration of Bluetooth with the helmet.
It makes it possible to communicate with one another while travelling.
The biggest advantage is that it is wireless.
It can be linked to your mobile phone so that you can attend calls coming to your phone and make calls from your phone.
Also you can hear music and news broadcasts through radio which is inbuilt to some helmets.
Also helmets can provide security from dust particles getting into eyes and creates irritation.
This helps the rider to concentrate on roads rather than from irritation of the eyes etc.
Whatever may be the gadgets attached to a helmet, the primary and important function of a helmet is the security of head.
So selection of your helmet should be based on this primary concern.

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