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Sugarloaf Mountain - 5 Facts You Didn"t Know

So often franchise buyers will talk to a few hotshot salesmen in various companies when out shopping for a franchised business of their own.
The Salesmen will literally attempt to become their best friend in the world.
The franchise buyers inherently like being treated like royalty and will shop many different franchisors and often get a little arrogant from all this attention.
In fact they start trying to call all the shots and they have not even bought the franchise yet.
One franchise buyer told me that we had to prove to them that we were the best franchise.
I politely told them; "Well actually we are, but I do not have to prove anything to anyone, you contacted us remember, we always pick the best franchise candidate and award them with the franchise, so you have to prove you are worthy of our team! So, regarding you making a decision about what type of group you would like to be associated with: We are not trying to sell you a franchise.
" As a franchise buyer you need to decide for yourself if you have what it takes to run a business of your own.
But remember we only pick a hand full of people each month to be franchisees and you'll have to compete for a place on the team just like everyone else.
We turn away so many applicants, that you may wish to have your application reviewed before you decide if you like us or not.
Further I generally state: "We have a most incredible consortium of dedicated, vibrant, community involved, athletic, spirited, intelligent, innovative, motivated, aggressive, family oriented, socially aware, environmentally friendly, down to Earth, computer and internet literate, and competitive people in our franchise.
This is why we are winning market share and customer praise everyday as our competitors eat our dust.
If you look into our company honestly and see what we are all about and if you are a strong person, then you'll will want to join this team.
If you are not, you need not apply, you won't be accepted anyway.
We take only winners.
Are you a winner?" Now that is the truth, so if they want a real franchise, one that really works and has a most excellent team and is fun, ours is it.
Search the others if you want.
We'll still be here long after they are gone.
This has always been my approach to franchising.
Offer the best possible and let them come to you.
Think on this in 2006.

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