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Hypnotist Don Barnhart" s New Book Creating The Life Desire Teaches You How To Live Your Dreams

Comedy Hypnotist Don Barnhart releases his new book, Creating The Life You Desire teaching you to use hypnosis to script out the life you desire and achieve your goals.

For over 25 years, the award-winning comedian and hypnotist has made a living following his passions and living his dream. Barnhart's personal journey led him to this discover the "secrets" of creating your perfect life by using hypnosis to rewrite your inner dialogue.

Creating The Life You Desire teaches you the tools that will allow you to tap into the power of your subconscious mind, allow you to control your destiny and enrich your life and as well as the lives of others.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that each of us experience every single day. It is a state of mind where intense focus eliminates distractions from the external world and your internal world expands opening up the door to your subconscious. It is here that we can tap into the suggestibility of the subconscious mind and learn at an accelerated rate or change our inner dialogue erasing negative thought patterns and destructive behavior.

Unlike meditation where the object is to clear your mind, hypnosis is the intent focus of a goal during this hyper state of relaxation. It is with this intent focus and opening up of the subconscious that we are able to "reprogram" our inner dialogue.

Barnhart said, "With this book, it is my desire to share with you the simple yet powerful techniques of how you can create the life you've longed for by taking control of your thoughts, patterns and habits at the inner subconscious level. By applying these formulas, you will soon find yourself living the life you've always dreamed of, achieving your goals with relative ease and breaking bad habits and negative thought patterns. The techniques you will learn in this book can guide you to higher level of both personal and professional satisfaction".

Don Barnhart has also created a series of self-improvement audio CDs to compliment the techniques he teaches in his new book. Don's list of self-hypnosis & motivational audio CDs, books and other programs can offer you a way to focus effort and influence positive outcomes.

Whatever your desires may be you have the ability to change, improve and grow by becoming more conscious of the instructions you input into your subconscious mind. Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Improve Your Memory, Build Confidence, Release Stress Overcome Insomnia, Control Pain, Improve Your Golf or Sports Game and much more...

You may not know Barnhart by name but you'll recognize his face as you've seen him on TV and film as well as headlining the top comedy clubs in Las Vegas for years. He is also a favorite at the top comedy clubs across the country and cruise ships around the world.
In 2010, Don Barnhart received the International Performing Artist's "Bob Hope Award" for his continued service performing and producing comedy shows for the troops stationed overseas. Barnhart has been performing and producing comedy shows for the troops around the world since his first USO tour back in 1992. He's been everywhere from Bosnia to Afghanistan.
Barnhart is also the only national headline comedian that also performs a separate and equally funny comedy hypnosis show. He is also an accomplished actor, published author and director and is currently in pre-production on the new comedy film, Freeloader.

The Award-Winning Comedian, Second City Conservatory Alumni and Certified Hypnotist Don Barnhart has combined his comedy, improv and hypnosis skills to create the most unique, interactive and funniest comedy hypnosis show in the world.

Direct from his own ongoing show in Las Vegas, "Don Barnhart is America's Funniest Comedy Hypnotist!" - Hypnosis Monthly Magazine.

Barnhart is in constant demand and has performed for: NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, MTV, Comedy Central, A&E, XM/Sirius Satellite Radio, The Bob & Tom Show, The US Marine Corps, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Princess, NCL, Holland America, Colleges, High Schools, Comedy Clubs, Fairs, Good Day Sacramento, The ABC Morning Show, Good Morning Northwest and much more.

Nominated 3 years in a row as "Best Comedy Hypnosis Show" and "Best Comedian" in Las Vegas, Barnhart's show delivers interactive, improvisational and sidesplitting comedy while simultaneously unlocking the unique mysteries of the human mind.
Don Barnhart's Comedy Hypnosis Show is part stand up, part improv, part hypnosis and full on funny! It is a musical and fast-paced romp through the volunteers' subconscious creative genius releasing their hidden talents. Barnhart turns them into the stars of the show keeping audiences on the edges of their seats howling with laughter and coming back for more.
The show is setting record attendance numbers at comedy clubs, cruise ships, colleges, high schools and corporate/private events and Don is becoming the most requested act in these venues earning him the distinct title of, "America's Best Comedy Hypnotist".

"In an industry that prides itself on embarrassing and shocking antics, Barnhart's show is both refreshing and empowering as he uses his skills to unlock the creative talents of his volunteers allowing them to share the spotlight". Las Vegas Net

When Barnhart isn't on tour, he resides in Las Vegas with his wife, producing partner and best friend Linda Vu and in his free time teaches the art and business of stand up comedy.

For more information on Creating The Life You Desire or to set up interviews please check out Barnhart's website at: www.DonBarnhart

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