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Tips On Itchy Dog Home Remedy Treatment

If your dog has canine skin problems and you want to know what you can do about itchy skin in a dog it is important to read on. This is a discussion of itchy dog home remedy possibilities. Some advice on the internet is questionable.

It is important to get the right advice on itchy dog home remedy treatments because many products promoted on the internet may do more harm than good.

Many of the "miracle cures" on the internet are shampoos that will make your dog skin problems even worse. Many canine skin problems are due to dog allergies. Many dog allergies are actually due to canine atopic dermatitis. Atopy in dogs is caused by pollen and dust mite primarily. Atopic dogs have a faulty skin barrier which is deficient in ceramide. Allergens can cross the skin barrier.

Many itchy dog home remedy solutions are offered in a shampoo form. Shampoo containing soap and surfactant is detrimental to a dog with a defective skin barrier. Soap will wash away the natural barrier of oils and protens called ceramide that protects the skin.

Shampoo is bad for dogs with skin allergies due to atopic dermatitis. The protective barrier of the skin in dogs with atopy is like the crumbling mortar between the stones of an old building. The old mortar crumbles and lets moisture through.

A dog with atopy has skin like this. The soap damages the faulty skin barrier and physically removes it. You have probably noticed that your dog has dry skin.

Atopic dogs commonly have dry skin. Dry skin can be seen as "dandruff" or "scurf" as you go through your dogs coat or scratch lightly at the skin with your finger nails.

As well as containing soap and surfactant, many itchy dog home remedy solutions contain essential oils that can be quite acidic. An example of this is the tea tree oil product range. Putting a highly acidic tea tree oil containing soap on red, itchy, inflamed and sore skin is like putting petrol on fire.

It is important to use soap free shampoo to wash the pollen from your dog and to soothe the skin.

Oatmeal washes are very soothing. A soap free formulation is best.

Bathing your itchy dog will provide relief but this is only temporary. It is important to get a comprehensive list of useful itchy dog home remedy products. It really is possible to provide your itchy dog with natural treatments that can make a huge difference.

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