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A Birth Control Pill That Helps Fight Acne

Ortho Tri Cyclen, a birth control pill with multiple advantages Do you associate birth control pills with side affects such as acne or hairiness? Forget about that.
Ortho Tri Cyclen is a mild compound of hormones that prevents pregnancy and gets rid of acne.
What is important to know about Ortho Tri Cyclen? It has achieved good results with girls and women who do not respond to normal acne topical treatments.
This mild birth control pill can be prescribed from the age of fifteen onwards once there is regular menstruation.
Hormones change in the woman's body naturally.
According to that the hormone levels in Ortho Tri Cyclen vary throughout the menstrual period.
This medication includes three levels of hormones in order to deliver exactly the correct amount of chemicals necessary for a specific moment in the period.
There are several health conditions that foreclose administration of it or any other oral contraceptives.
Thus, it is very important that you do not ignore your doctor's advice or take the pills without proper medical investigations.
Warnings about Ortho Tri Cyclen It should not be administered if you are pregnant or have recently had a baby.
A medical history of stroke, blood clot or high blood pressure problems makes you incompatible with Ortho Tri Cyclen.
Never start a hormonal birth control pill if you suffer from liver dysfunctions or even cancer.
Women who suffer from migraines should also avoid using this kind of pills, just like those who have a hormone-related form of cancer.
At the beginning of treatment with Ortho Tri Cyclen, your body will need a seven-day period to achieve birth control protection.
You will have to use some back-up methods until then.
What side effects could occur during Ortho Tri Cylclen administration? There is a whole range of very common side effects that are normal until the body gets used to the new hormonal level.
Nausea and vomiting are among the most frequent problems you may experience during the first month of administration.
Taking the pill at bedtime can improve your condition.
Slight bleeding or spotting may also appear and continue even for a couple of weeks in a row.
Tell your doctor if you feel the condition is worsening.
If you experience severe abdominal pain, limb swelling, blurred vision, powerful headaches or any other very intense symptom, contact the doctor immediately and stop Ortho Tri Cyclen administration right away.
Ortho Tri Cyclen is continuing to be an birth control pill with multiple advantages.

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