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Candles in Religious Ceremonies

Candles have always been a part of the Christian religion.
In fact in the Catholic Church, candles often symbolize the body of Christ.
2 Samuel 22, says " the Lord is a lamp, turning darkness into light.
In the Temple of Jerusalem, the Eternal Flame represents the presence of God, and is lit at all times.
Candles are used in all sacraments except the penance.
In Baptisms, candles are used to represent the child receiving the light of Christ.
In Excommunications, candles are snuffed out to represent the life being cut off from the light of grace of the church.
In the wedding ceremony, the couple uses two candles, each lit outside the service by the couples mothers.
These candles are used to represent separate lives of the couples being joined, and a symbol of love.
These two candles are then used to light the Unity candle, which is a symbol of the two lives joining together.
During the Easter observance, a large candle called the Pascal Candle is lit, this large candle is symbolic of Christ rising.
Little candles are used by worshipers during the service.
All small candles are lit from the Pascal Candle.
Vigil lights are used in Catholic churches.
Often placed near a statue of Mother Mary.
These candles are used to indicate someone is praying for something in particular.
It may be something for themselves, or for someone else.
Candles have been used since ancient times to light up the darkness.
This message has not been lost on the religions of the world, which view God as a light to light the darkness they knew before knowing God.
The candles also symbolize love of God.
Candles are very much a part of most religions, and particularly the Christian religion.
Candles bring us in out of the darkness, and into the light.
In Judaism during Hanukkah, a Menorah candle is lit.
This candle represents the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem after it was desecrated by foreign forces.
Candles can give us a sense of direction, and seem to draw people together.
Candles are used in vigils to grieve, pray, and celebrate.
Candles have many uses in our society.
Even though we now have electric lights to light up the darkness like no time in history, candles will never be replaced an important part of our lives.

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