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Killer Website Tips For Your Online Home Business!

Killer Website Tips For Your Online Home Business!

Having an online home business means needing a killer website. Not
only do you need to get traffic to your website, you have to keep them
there and get them to opt-in. It does not matter if you are creating
sales pages, landing pages or squeeze pages, their all the same and
you have to be aware of some huge mistakes.

Here are a few killer tips to make your website not only stand out,
but get the traffic you send there to stay there and opt-in for your
product or service.

Tip One: Colors

It is best to use only two or three colors. You may think you want a
ton of flashy colors and that it will catch peoples eye. But, instead
it will turn people off. If it is to flashy it distracts your message
and makes it hard for people to read about your product. Do not use
drab colors or too bright of colors either. Simple is best.

Tip Two: Fonts

Use only three different fonts on the same page. Use a nice bold font
for your head line. Your head line is what is going to be the first
thing people see and this is where you want to catch their attention.
Sub headline is next with one font smaller than the main headline. For
most of the body, use the standard 12 font size, just like writing a

Tip Three: Content

Cramming to much content on one page will give it that cluttered look
and unable for people to read. Break your content up in to paragraphs
with titles before every two or three. Most peoples attention span is
not very long, so it is much easier for them to comprehend a few short
paragraphs at a time than one long, long story.

Tip Four: Banner Header

It is typical for most web designers to want to put up a big flashy
banner header. It may look real cool and eye catching, but it also
will waste a lot of valuable real estate. Real estate meaning,
location on your page. The first message you want your traffic to see
is your sales headline, not a flashy banner.

Tip Five: Your Offer

It is very important to clarify what you have to offer. If you have
just a bunch of income claims about your online home business and
hype, there will be no reason for anyone to stay there. When people
get to your site from your advertising, they expect to find what you
were advertising about. This is a real big one for the search
engines. If you want to be on the top with the search engines your
site needs to be relevant to your advertising.

Tip Six: Above The Fold

Always keep your offer and at least one opt-in box above the fold.
Meaning the top part of your website. This is the part that people
will see first, you do not want them to have to scroll all the way
down to the bottom of your page to find your product or service. Do
however put an opt-in box at the bottom of your page also. There are
some people that will actually read all of your text and it is best
that they do not have to scroll all the way to the top to opt in.

I hope these few tips will help you in designing a killer website for
your online home business.

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