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Do You Need a Brain Damaged Baby Attorney?

If you have a brain damaged baby and suspect medical malpractice, call a highly qualified attorney today.
This is not a legal battle that you and your baby can fight alone.
Brain damage often results in developmental delays, cerebral palsy, seizures, and autism.
Brain damaged baby attorneys know that both you and your baby are suffering and they can help you to get the financial compensation that you both need and deserve.
Although brain injury can be caused by many things such as maternal infection and premature birth, it often results when a baby does not get enough oxygen during labor and delivery.
Both low oxygen (known as "hypoxia") and no oxygen (known as "anoxia") cause fetal distress.
Fetal distress is indicated when the baby's heart rate slows.
Permanent brain damage is often the result.
During labor and delivery, fetal monitors are used to monitor the baby's heart rate as well is the mother's contractions.
An increase in heart rate is known as "acceleration;" whereas, a decrease in the baby's heart rate is called "deceleration.
" "Variable deceleration" is indicated when the baby's heart rate both increases and decreases.
Deceleration during contractions is cause for alarm.
The baby may be in danger.
And, variable deceleration is also cause for concern.
If the baby's heart rate speeds up and slows down on a regular basis, the baby is likely in distress and should be delivered immediately.
Acceleration of the baby's heart rate during a contraction is considered to be in normal.
Danger is not indicated.
Often, a lack of oxygen and the resulting brain damage are caused by a too low heart rate.
Life-long devastating injury is the sad result.
Ongoing medical care, the inability to run and play with neighborhood friends and cousins, and life-long dependence are often the result.
A baby who is brain damaged during labor and/or delivery will likely never function independently.
Instead, physical therapy, surgical operations, special schools, around the clock nursing care, and many other special needs are the day-to-day realities.
Get Help from Brain Damaged Baby Attorneys Brain damaged baby attorneys know how to skillfully work within the legal, medical, and insurance systems to assert your rights and get you the compensation that both you and your baby need and deserve to deal with your baby's brain damage.
They make an individual accountable for the injury they have done to your little one and loved ones.

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