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How to Choose the Right Helmet?

Just what seatbelts are to people riding a car, helmets are for bike riders. This is why it's essential to choose the right one. Many of us randomly pick up anything that is being offered at the various bike repair shops, but unlike seatbelts, helmets are not flexible, which means you need to find the right size. So let's take a look at what makes your helmet special, and how you need to choose the right one!

Different styles of cycling helmets

Multi-use helmets
These are known for being an apt choice for any rider. The best part is that they are a really economical choice. The basic uses of these helmets include recreational, regular commuting purposes, road and riding on yer bike on tough terrains. These are extremely popular with skateboarders and inline skaters.

Road bike helmets
These are tougher helmets for roadie enthusiasts. These are ideal for those who want to go for a low weight design with enough ventilation space and a good aerodynamic design. A lot of people who cycle2work prefer this model. If you want something more tough and sturdy, go with the next range called the mountain bike helmets.

Mountain bike helmets
As the name suggests, these are made for tougher terrains. These have enough space to ventilate well at low speeds. What's better? Well, these come with enhanced rear-head covers and hold your head more firmly. They are considered way more secure than helmets meant for cycle2work purposes.

Finding the right size is the most important aspect of finding a good helmet. There are a few points to note in this aspect.

Multi-use helmets come in single, adjustable sizes. But for other categories, you can find everything from a small model to something extended.

How to know what size is right? This is very simple. Measure the largest portion of your head by using a flexible tape. You can even use a ribbon and measure the length of string with a straight-edge ruler.

Look for a helmet size that matches your measurement. When you're on yer bike, you don't want a size falling right above your eyes.

When you are choosing a helmet make sure you don't compromise on quality just to save some money. The important thing about helmets that many people tend to ignore is the fact that they are really important for your safety. Statistics have proved over the years that helmets have been successful in saving many lives by avoiding head injuries. So why wait when you can get help at hand instantly.

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