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The Aphrodisiac Of Music

Maybe you have it all down to a science...
the right wine, the right lighting, the right music.
Or maybe you are still experimenting with all of those things.
We all have our own methods for creating "the mood.
" I am going to concentrate on the music here because this is what I know.
I have been a musician all of my life.
That doesn't necessarily qualify me as an authority on sexual encounters so I will have to reveal the fact that I have also had vast experience with the opposite sex as well.
Along the way I have come to know what works and what doesn't.
In fact, I think most of us have some idea as to what works for them and what doesn't.
Well, I have gone a bit further in my quest and I have determined why certain music works as an aphrodisiac and with this knowledge I have been able to 'construct" my own music that contains all of the success factors.
Please, let me explain...
For many years I have been entertaining women in my home and whenever I am in that situation I always try to make the environment very conducive to a romantic, amorous mood.
One of the things that I always included was the right music.
This is mostly background...
not right out in front hit you in the face music.
That is too distracting and could in fact have the opposite effect.
Through trial and error I discovered which music worked and which didn't.
Naturally, this led me to use only the "right music" for my encounters.
Being the curious guy that I am, I began to wonder just what it was about that "right music" that caused the aphrodisiac effect so I started to analyze the different selections and found some common denominators.
I began to put this all together and realized that with this knowledge I could actually "construct" my own music that contained all of these aphrodisiac factors! What a concept! You see, I discovered facts like certain musical intervals were more sexy than others.
The larger intervals like the 4th, 5th, and 6th seemed to generate greater sexual energy than the smaller 2nd's and 3rd's.
Certain instruments and combinations of instruments were more effective than others.
Even different effects used in producing and engineering the music seemed to make a difference.
So I had a lot of information and I also had many pieces of music that contained some of the effective factors that I had discovered.
What I wanted were several pieces of music that exhibited all of these factors! After searching for a while, I finally decided that the only way to get my hands on some of this shall I say, "super saturated music," was to write it and record it myself, using all that I had learned.
I now have a CD with all of this music in one place and I invariably "use" it whenever I am in the company of a desirable female.
I play it in the car on dates, I play it during an intimate dinner at home, and I even use it during lovemaking as an enhancement to pleasure.
So far, it has not failed to produce the desired effect.
I intend to write more of this special music.
I find that it is a very rewarding experience to both create and use this type of music.
If you would like to learn more just click here.

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