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Secret Copywriting Tactic Makes Your Ad Stick Out Like A Sore Thumb In Over-Crowded Markets

If you want to give your advertising an instant advantage in markets that are rife with competition...
then this article will show you how.
Listen to this: If you look at most of the really hot and competitive markets -- like diet, Internet marketing, make money from home, etc -- there's one thing just about all the ads you'll see have in common.
And that is they all use outrageous promises -- especially in the headline.
In many cases it's almost like a race to see who can have the most inflated promises without getting in trouble with the FTC.
And simple as it sounds...
if you want to cut through all the hype and screaming many of these ads contain...
simply do the exact opposite of what they do in your ads.
For example, let's say you sell an ebook or report on how to make money on the Internet.
You could do what everyone else does, and try to find more dramatic and colorful ways of expressing the same basic promise like:
How To Use The Internet To Make Huge Gushing Wads Of Cash Flow Like A River Into Your Bank Account...
Or, you could go around all the screaming, yelling and multiple exclamation points...
and actually tone down your claim.
Like, for example, focusing more on your "mechanism" (as the late copywriter Eugene Schwartz called the "thing" that makes your product work) by saying something like:
How An Ancient Roman Banking Secret Lets Almost Anyone Make Money Quickly And Easily On The Internet Today
Or, as another example, focusing more on a strong proof element like:
"The Internet Marketing Secret Bill Gates Prayed The 'Little Guy' Would Never Discover And Use Against Him"
See what I mean? There are actually dozens of ways to do this.
The idea here is to go around the competition by taking a completely different approach.
Doing so is like having at a new car lot full of beautiful white cars...
and sticking a red one in there.
Even if it's not as "flashy" as the white ones...
it will always be noticed.
And getting noticed -- especially in a hot market -- is usually 90% of the battle.

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