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Summer Fruit Tart Recipes

Juicy berries and plump, ripe stone fruits take center stage in these summer fruit tart recipes. Delicious any time of year, these dessert pastries are spectacular during the summer months when the fruit is at its freshest.

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Tarte aux Fruits Rouges Recipe

Full of rich mascarpone cream and juicy berries, this tarte aux fruits rouges recipe, also known as red fruits tart, is a popular choice for brunches and special occasions. Layer it with any combination of raspberries, cherries, and strawberries. Black currants, blackberries, and blueberries, although not technically red, are traditionally served in this soft fruits tart, as well.More »

Fresh Blueberry Tart Recipe

Wild blueberries, also known as myrtilles, grow in the forests and high-elevation pastures of France, where the climate and soil give them robust, juicy flavor. They provide a fun and delicious pastime for many families gathering their annual summertime basketfuls of the crop for tarts, muffins, and, most popularly, homemade confitures. This fresh blueberry tart recipe takes a few hours and three simple steps - pastry, custard, and fruit topping - to create an exceptionally elegant and scrumptious dessert.More »

Peach Tartlets Recipe

Deliciously fresh-flavored, this peach tartlets recipe is easy to make and deftly fits into a number of menu themes. For a special occasion, serve the lightly spiced peach tarts with vanilla bean ice cream and a garnish of finely chopped, crystallized ginger.More »

Fig Tart Recipe

Traditionally, this fig tart is a summer recipe. With a little ingenuity, though, you can soak dried figs and use them year-round for a delicious dessert. The caramelized fig filling is warmed up with a splash of port wine and enlivened with a bit of blackberry jam. A little dollop of Chantilly cream served with the dessert makes the ideal treat.More »

Nectarine Tart Recipe

Nectarines make up nearly half of all peach cultivars in France and the majority are from the scenic Rhone Valley. Given their popularity and unique refreshing flavor, it's no mystery why they're the focus of so many summer-themed recipes. This fresh nectarine tart recipe takes a few hours and three simple steps - pastry, custard, and fruit topping - to create an exceptionally elegant and scrumptious dessert.More »

Plum Tart Recipe

The fresh, sweet and sour flavor of plums make them a shoe in for cool, summer-themed desserts. This fresh plum tart recipe takes a few hours and three simple steps - pastry, custard, and fruit topping - to create an exceptionally elegant and delightful dessert. It's almost too pretty to cut into and serve.More »

Cherry Tarte Tatin Recipe

Juicy and sweet, with a pleasing ruby hue, this cherry tarte Tatin recipe makes a magnificent showpiece dessert. Use any combination of sweet cherries you like, including the convenient frozen ones found at most local markets. Also known in the United States as cherry tart Tatin, this buttery, fruity confection tastes wonderful with a spoonful of simple Chantilly cream.More »

Peach Tart Recipe

This peach tart recipe has a wonderful combination of summery, bright-tasting peaches and smooth almond cream, also known as frangipane . These tasty peach pastries can be prepared and on the table in less than 45 minutes, so they're the perfect homemade treat for last minute guests.More »

Banana Tarte Tatin Recipe

This banana tarte tatin recipe is an easy dessert to make on short notice. Ripe bananas are always in season and frozen puff pastry can be found in most major grocery stores. Pull the puff pastry out to thaw while you slice bananas and simmer the rum sauce. Best of all, this recipe is very forgiving. If you simply have no time to make homemade French rum sauce, use store-bought caramel sauce kicked up with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

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