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How to Create a Credit Card Application

    • 1). Decide what information you want to collect to determine whether an applicant is a low- or high-risk candidate for your credit card. A major credit bureau website such as Transunion's is a good place to start as it will list information that reputable credit card companies solicit from applicants to determine creditworthiness.

    • 2). Determine how to best organize and ask specific questions that will gather from the applicant the information you want. Using a credit card application template, which you can find on websites that carry stock documents, will be helpful when doing so. You can find a list of sites that carry credit application templates in their document stock by typing "printable credit card application" into your search engine.

    • 3). Construct your credit card application using the template as a reference. Be sure that the application contains all the necessary questions to gather the information you want.

    • 4). Proof and review your credit card application. Does it have any typos or other obvious errors? Are the questions clear and easy to understand? Check again to make sure all the information you are looking for from the applicant is covered by the questions.

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