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Is it Necessary For Dating to Get Romantically Involved? Here is the Answer

When it comes to romantic dating and dating online, thanks to the proliferation of numerous dating sites online, there is a very big controversy raging on as to whether it is right to get romantically involved with your date during the initial phase.
Well, this question has confused many a poor soul before you and you aren't the lone sufferer who can't make up his/her mind.
Well, whether you will get romantically involved with your date or not is a personal matter of choice but I can certainly help you with a few illuminating tips.
I think it is best to steer clear of romance during the initial phase of your dating game and you should utilise this period to gauge and judge the nature of your date and study his/her body language.
When you go out on romantic dates with your newly acquired boyfriend or girlfriend, the best and safest tactic is to enjoy his/her company and try to penetrate into his/her character.
If you are not sure, you can take a friend along whom you trust on the first date and take his/her opinion about your new date.
The main problem with getting romantically involved with your date in the initial phase is that it clouds your judgement and blocks the functioning of your rational faculties.
When you get romantically involved like this, you lose your ability to judge the other person properly and often end up with a decision that you might live to regret for the rest of your life.
You should first thoroughly judge your date and go out with him/her frequently to know him/her better and then think about questions like commitment and romantic involvement.
Do you know what happens when you get romantically involved too easily while indulging in romantic dating? If you are too nice and become ready to go that extra mile to please your date, your date will construe you as desperate and lay down his/her own terms and conditions on you which you may find difficult to accept.
You tend to lose all your self respect, start clinging to the other person and make your date the centre of your universe.
You start showering so much attention on your date that he/she feels smothered and loses all respect for you.
When you become too clingy and emotionally dependent on your date, the latter person will easily understand that he/she can manipulate and exploit you easily and then the next step invariably will be pushing you to your limits, often to the extreme limits.
The other person will also try to test how much you are ready to sacrifice and compromise and lose your identity for that person.

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