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Bug Out Bag Preparation - 5 Tips For Creating Your Own Survival Kit

When disaster strikes, be it an act of terrorism, urban upheaval or a natural disaster such as a hurricane, fire or tornado, you need to be prepared for the possibility that you can not stay in your home.
The best way to ensure your survival in such a crisis situation is to have a ready made survival kit...
also known as a bug out bag or B.
So what needs to go in your B.
? Here is a handy list that will help you make a reliable survival kit.
Type Of Bag There is no one best type of bag to use for your survival kit, it simply needs to be something that works for you.
Many people use military bags, like ALICE packs or Special Ops T.
E packs.
These pack a lot of gear, are super durable and are usually waterproof or resistant.
But really, you can use any comfortable backpack for your bug out bag.
Check out camping stores for good models and ideas.
Food You will need to pack a decent supply of food rations and MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat).
Look for easy to carry rations that require no water to prepare, have a high calorie count, withstand extreme temperatures, and will not make you thirsty (many do).
The point here is to pack food that will give you the most bang for your buck in the smallest form.
Water In a crisis survival situation, you need to be able to both carry water, and filter it.
Durable plastic bottles and collapsible water bags are good containers, the collapsible ones especially since you can pack several of them without taking up much room in your bug out bag.
For filtering water, a portable hand pump filter will clean many types of water.
You can also get a portable water purifier, or use water purification tablets.
Shelter Rather than a tent, pack a multi-use poncho.
You can wear it, and also use it as a small shelter from rain, sun and snow.
If your pack allows it, you can strap a small tent or rolled up tarp to the outside.
However, with survival kits, it is better to think multi-use.
A poncho can also collect water, signal for help and more.
Emergency Always include a first aid kit in your bug out bag.
Bandages, disinfectant, nausea pills, scissors, and pain relievers are all components of a good survival kit.
Of course, always stash extra supplies of any necessary medication because in an emergency or disaster, you will not be able to refill important medical prescriptions.
This list will get you started on a basic bug out bag, good for having at the ready whenever disaster strikes and you have to get on the move!

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