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Four Factors of Success

    Developing Goals

    • Review and refine your goals occasionally. Decide if these goals are specific enough and how you can improve them. Also, reevaluate your time line for meeting these goals. Analyze how you can reach deadlines more efficiently. Finally, decide how to best measure your progress. Progress is often measured with subgoals -- smaller objectives that help you reach larger achievements. For example, if you're trying to raise $1,000 by the end of the month, you could set a subgoal of $250 per week. Meeting this subgoal will determine the progress of your overall monthly goal.

    Maintaining Focus

    • Focus on two or three objectives at a time. Prioritize these objectives based on how critical they are to your success. For example, a small business owner may choose to focus on three critical goals: improving customer satisfaction, increasing sales and maintaining good employee relations. The business owner will decide these goals are absolutely necessary for the success of his business and will focus on them before moving onto other objectives. Thus, the business owner will save time and money by prioritizing his goals rather than doing them all at once.

    Being Passionate

    • An enthusiastic outlook will motivate you to dedicate more time and resources toward achieving goals. It will also inspire coworkers, employees and customers to be just as enthusiastic about the mutual goals you share. A business, for example, will succeed if its clients are interested in the product being sold. Its production will improve in quality and quantity if its workers are dedicated to their tasks. Inspiring motivation is an important step in ensuring all-around success.

    Giving Back

    • An active and charitable member of the community enjoys the trust and respect of his friends and neighbors. Giving back can be done through donations, civic group participation, volunteering with a charity drive and other means. Charitable activities allow you to pass on skills, knowledge and experience to others -- ensuring they can learn to pursue success on their own. Giving back also allows you to reevaluate your goals and interests for the future.

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