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Making Sauce for Fish Tacos: A Step by Step Guide

Although occasionally labeled with innuendo, fish tacos are authentic Mexican creations that have taken root in the United States surely and slowly.
While the spread of this dish is slow, more and more people are clamoring for fish tacos because they are not only delicious, being a fresh breath of air in the overly familiar world of tacos, but are generally healthy for you as well.
Still, since these tacos are new for most American home cooks, preparing them can be a bit of a mystery.
Here is a quick step by step guide for concocting a simple sauce for fish tacos that requires no cooking on your part, just simple measuring and pouring, that lets you enjoy your food quicker.
Gather up your utensils.
To make this fish taco sauce you'll need to have a measuring cup that can hold a cup, a blender, a large bowl and a tablespoon.
Once you have everything ready to go, starting assembling your food items.
Start with a jar of mayonnaise.
Any brand will do the trick as long as it comes unflavored.
To save some fat and calories, opt for healthier reduced fat mayonnaise that will allow you to cut out some of mayo's more unhealthy attributes.
Begins your sauce with a 1/3 cup of mayo.
Add it to your large mixing bowl.
Next, add a 1/3 cup of plain yoghurt to your mayo in the mixing bowl.
Make sure the yoghurt is plain and free of any flavoring or added textures.
Afterwards, add a 1/3 cup worth of sour cream to your mixing bowl.
Again, to save calories and fat, opt for a lower fat product that lets you keep your fish tacos on the healthier side of things.
Now, add your flavoring ingredients.
You'll need a lime to start.
Slice the lime in two and squeeze the juice into the mixing bowl.
If you want, remove the rind and toss in the lime pulp for extra flavor.
Next, take a few sprigs of cilantro and add to flavor.
Cilantro is a potent ingredient so use sparingly in order to prevent it from taking over your dish.
Add a dash of chili powder to flavor and season the fish taco sauce.
You can also find store brand fish taco sauce seasoning you may want to use instead.
Your final ingredient for this recipe is a sliced, peeled and pitted avocado.
You'll need two large ones to complete the recipe.
Add it to the mixing bowl.
With all your ingredients in the mixing bowl, transfer the contents to a blender and then mix on low speeds.
Add pepper and garlic to taste if you so desire.
Once all the ingredients are well mixed, remove the sauce from the blender and transfer it back to your mixing bowl.
Chill the fish taco sauce for several hours before using.
This recipe will not only make a great fish taco sauce but it can be used as a garnish or dip for tortilla chips.

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