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Navgrah Maha Yantra and Their Benefits

Navgrah Maha Yantra
Just as the name suggests, Navgrah Maha Yantra, is a chant that helps us negate the malefic effects of the nine planets. But before we get into the details, it is important to know all about yantras.
A yantra in Sanskrit denotes a chant that will help you awaken energy by placing it anywhere in your nearby environment. Yantras tend to purify the environment and fill the atmosphere with positive energy. Yantras help our prayers reach the respective deities faster.
What is Navgrah Maha Yantra?
This is one such yantra that will help you in bringing a change in your life. It consists of nine squares, each representing a planet; Sun, Moon, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu. Made in thick copper with 24 Karat Gold plating, this yantra works wonders when it comes to worshipping the nine planets.
This is recommended for those whose birth charts signify negative positioning of certain planets in the horoscope. Negative positioning of the planets can harm a person's health, prosperity and also peace of mind. It pacifies the negative planets and neutralizes the negative energy thereby caused by them.
Hence, worshipping the this will help you reap the benefits of averting the negative and increasing the positivity in your life.
Benefits of Worshipping Navgrah Maha Yantra
Here are the benefits that come your way if you worship Navgrah Maha Yantra:
€ Increase positivity in your life
€ Improve your health, success rate and achieve peace of mind
€ Maintain harmony with your near and dear ones
€ Attract good luck
Guidelines for Using this Yantra
In order to reap the above benefits, you need to follow certain guidelines to make the yantra more effective. Here are the things to be followed:
€ Before using the yantra, make sure that you purify your body and start the ritual with a positive mind.
€ Start the ritual by finding a place on the floor facing the east and which is undisturbed
€ You can start the ritual by lighting the incense stick and diya or lamp
€ Place fresh flowers and fruits on the altar
€ Place the yantra near the idol or image of your deity
€ Take a leaf from any tree and sprinkle some water on yourself and then on the yantra
€ Concentrate and start chanting the mantra 21 times
€ Close your eyes while chanting the mantra and pray to the deity. Ask the deity to bless you with all your unfulfilled desires.
€ Post the ritual, place these on a wall at your waist level
Mantra for worshipping
Here is the mantra that you need to chant while worshipping the Navgraha Maha Yantra.
Om SuryaayeNamah, Om ChandrayeNamah, Om BudhayeNamah, Om BrihaspatayeNamah, Om MangalyeNamah, Om ShukrayeNamah, Om ShanayeNamah, Om RahaVeNamah, Om KetaVeNamah, Om NavgarihayaNamah!!
Yantras are highly beneficial and work faster. However, before buying, you need to consider which yantra is the most appropriate Yantra for your wish fulfilment. Determine your problem and then buy a yantra accordingly to yield the results. Always remember, Yantras work by focusing on your intentions, desires and aspirations. They then transform the patterns of your mind into habits of thought to lead to the desired outcome.
Placing a Yantra correctly is most important. The energised Yantras need to be kept in the appropriate direction. Some Yantras tend to results almost immediately while some may take a little longer than the others. So, no matter which Yantra you choose to have, you need to be patient to witness the results.

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