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The Truth of Search Engine Marketing Strategies - Long Tail Vs Short Tail

There are many search engine marketing strategies out there in the market.
You can use one or many techniques to have a flourishing business.
Once having a web page for your product you need to have a good page rank.
The page rank can be obtained only when your website is indexed in the search engines.
For this you need to use appropriate keywords in the content placed in your page.
The web has evolved a lot in the past decade so it is impossible for you to hit the top-notch with a single keyword, unless you are ready to spend so much money and time in getting that.
Now all the SEO companies are encouraging the clients to use long tail keywords.
But actually this does not help you.
It is supposed to be a better alternative to hit the number one place in the search engine, however it can attract only a very few visitors.
Having a long keyword just makes you stand out in the lot of the common single keywords.
With the help of long tail keyword you can be at the top of the search engine list although only very few people are in demand of those things and it may not create the required traffic needed by you.
A short tail keyword is of one or two words length and these are the common keywords used by the searchers.
However to have your page on the top of the search engine, the short tail keyword search is very crucial, as this short keyword may lead to all the related information about the product.
For example if you are searching for the laptops, then your keyword would be "laptop," and so your results may include the different brands of laptops, its history and so on.
But when you use a specific long keyword you can zero down your results, furthermore it has the higher sales conversion.
Even though the long keywords do not bring much traffic to your site, it can help you in having a higher sale percentage compared to short tail keywords.
You can have your long tail keyword sprinkled all over your web page.
Along with the search engine strategies and proper utilization of tools you can have a successful business.
As a fact that long keywords bring in good results it should not be overused in your page.
Whatever it may be simplicity is the key for internet marketing.
Don't use shortcuts and be straightforward to have a victorious business.

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