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How Do I Lay Out Stairs?

    • 1). Measure from the top of the stairs to the lower floor. Write down this measurement.

    • 2). Insert the height of the stairs in feet and inches into the online calculator. Enter the data into the calculator to find the height, or rise, of each step. Depending on the calculator, you may have to click a button like "Calculate" or "Enter."

    • 3). Adjust the depth of the stair treads, or the "run," to fit the length of the stairs. For example, a calculator may automatically use an 11-inch run, providing a staircase that is 12 feet 10 inches long and 8 1/2 feet tall. However, there may not be room for the mandatory 3-foot clearance in front of the bottom step. By adjusting the run to 10 inches, the calculator shows the staircase at 11 feet 8 inches.

    • 4). Indicate the height, length and width of the stairs on your building plans, incorporating the 3-foot clearance in front of the bottom step.

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