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How to Assemble the Weider Pro 9375

    • 1). Open your user manual for the Weider Pro 9375. Lay out and verify that you have all the necessary parts to assemble the home gym.

    • 2). Lay out all the gym parts nearby on the floor. Begin assembly by building the base. Attach the rear stabilizer to the base. Attach the upright on the base. Attach the base plate.

    • 3). Assemble the weight selector and guides. Insert the weight selector into a weight. Orient the weight guides. Slide the weight bumpers on the weights and secure them with washers.

    • 4). Assemble the top frame. The top frame secures the entire assembly. Attach the top frame, and slide the pull-up caps on the pull-up bar. Attach the cable eye hooks and pulleys to the top frame.

    • 5). Attach the seat and seat base to the seat frame. Attach the curl pad. Finally, adjust for any slack in the weight cables by adjusting them before regular use.

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