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Flooding in Cozumel and Cancun

Hurricane Stan and other Hurricanes have pummeled Mexico this year creating wet ground and lots of flooding.
Just as the water has drained has drained from Stan, we have a Category Five headed their way; Hurricane Wilma.
Wilma is set to bring with her a storm surge of up to 20 feet, winds of over 145 mph and 15-20 inches of rain over a 36-hour period or longer.
In fact the rains have already been coming down in the torrential rain bands.
The flooding in Cozumel and Cancun will be of ancient text and Indian folklore proportions.
Most have left the area already and two major events and festivals have been cancelled, while tourists have fled.
The mandatory evacuation was necessary to protect life, everyone one has run to hide.
How bad is the flooding, it is so bad that some can hardly believe it.
Inland as well as the ground is still wet from the massive flooding of Hurricane Stan and his lingering remnants.
Sometimes it is not the category of the storm but the size, but now Hurricane Wilma tries to dispel that myth as she tries a different strategy, a smaller storm but a major category.
Either way the Yucatan Peninsula has taken several hits this tropical Hurricanes Season, but Hurricane Wilma was the worst they have experienced in decades.
Think on this.

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