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Professional Basketball Training for Players

    Ball Control

    Jump Shots

    • Practicing jump shots for the professional basketball player is very much similar to the way that he might practice ball control. Just as amateur players train by learning proper jump shot technique, the professional player trains by learning to shoot with the proper technique after extensive amounts of running, jumping and general physical duress. Muscle fatigue in the legs and arms often affects the way a player shoots, even if he knows the proper technique.

    Defensive Training

    Transition Game

    • Learning to play both sides of the court in quick transition is vital at the professional level, and is not only a test of endurance and physical strength, but developing an alertness on the court. Professional basketball players develop their transition game by sometimes learning to defend with fewer players than the offensive attack, making more of a demand on defensive court awareness, and understanding where the open space is on the court.


    • Professional and amateur basketball teams often have a "star" player who gets image by Kit Wai Chan from

      At the professional level, double- and triple-teaming a player often occurs when you have a team with one significantly more talented player than any other. LeBron James as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers is an excellent example of this. Learning to break double and triple teams by moving the ball to open players is a part of the professional basketball player's training. As with transition game training, breaking up a double team is very much about reading the open court and understanding where to move the ball when a player is double- or triple-teamed.

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