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What Makes the Right Mattress?

Mattress selection is a choice filled with variables; not every person will share the same opinion about what makes the right mattress.
When searching for the right mattress, it's important to consider key elements of mattresses and how they fit in to your definition of a great night's sleep.
Consider the measure of firmness, type and size first, that way you're more prepared when you visit a retail store to try some options by lying on them with your spouse.
Firmness Firmness is the reason why companies like Sleep by Number do so well: because many couples prefer different sleeping firmnesses, being able to individually set the level of firmness on your side of the bed is very attractive.
For those searching for the right mattress on a budget, finding a compromise with your partner in firmness of a traditional innerspring mattress can save you thousands of dollars.
Innerspring mattresses come in many different comfort levels ranging from extra firm to extra plush.
In addition to comfort levels, mattresses can be pillow topped or euro topped, meaning they have additional foam layers closest to the cover on which you sleep.
You can find out truly how supportive a mattress is by checking the coil count.
In most cases, sale reps will claim that high coil counts translate into more comfortable mattresses.
Coil count and coil gauge, (how thick the wire is that is twisted into the coils) should both be considered when determining if a mattress will be supportive in the long run.
Another measure that must be factored in is the brand's technology.
Some brand name mattresses use intelligent coil design, (IE: smaller coils within larger coils) which means fewer coils can still provide a ton of support.
Some examples of comfort levels available in innerspring mattresses include: • Firm Tight Top • Extra Firm Tight Top • Plush Tight Top • Luxury Firm Tight Top • Cushion Firm Tight Top • Plush Super Tight Top • Ultra Plush Pillow Top • Plush Pillow Top • Dual Comfort Pillow Top • Firm Pillow Top • Plush Firm Euro Pillow Top Types of Mattress Mattresses come in different types besides innerspring and many new types such as foam mattresses have been gaining in popularity.
Since the invention of the innerspring mattress, technology has been aiding us in getting better sleep.
Innovative products like waterbeds have also redefined sleep as we know it.
• Polyurethane Foam Mattresses - Available in several levels of comfort, poly foam mattresses suffer complaints about being too hot overnight.
Dense foam is less breathable than the frame design featuring coils according to many, however, new latex foam mattresses are purported to be more breathable.
• Innerspring Mattresses - Innerspring Mattresses are the oldest form of mattress and they integrate rows of steel coils that are layered throughout a frame between insulation and padding.
Coil gauge and coil count are two very standard measurements of an innerspring mattress.
• Waterbeds - Waterbeds are a very unique option: some swear by them and others can't stand them.
Because they are made of a thick, watertight plastic cover, waterbeds are not breathable at all.
In the heat, this can make waterbeds very uncomfortable.
Heavy parts of the body can also miss the support necessary for proper sleeping posture on a waterbed.
Size As with most cases, the rule of size is "bigger = better".
In US measurement, the California King is the longest mattress size, measuring 84" from head to toe.
It is four inches less wide than the King mattress, which is 80" L by 76" W.
In Queen size, (the standard measurement when it comes to coil count quotes, etc.
) is 80" L like the King, but it is only 60" wide.
Full sized mattresses are 75" L by 54" W and Twin sized mattresses are 75" L by 39" W.
Picking the right size is simple to approximate: children typically fit on Full and Twin sized mattresses while couples opt for anywhere between Queen to Cali King sizes.
Your preference on size may be largely determined by your height.
California King mattresses are wonderful for tall sleepers while the King size offers more room for average height people to move in their sleep.

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