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How Do You Get Your Ex Back - Step Back and Take a Timeout

For some of us, we know a break up is wrong, from the moment it happens.
It was hard in the beginning, but now some time has passed.
You are ready to take the steps to win them back.
The problem is they won't talk with you.
How do you get your ex back when they keep hanging up, walking away, or closing the door in your face? Take a deep breath and relax.
The first thing you need to do is to stop trying so hard.
If you keep trying to contact them, you may be coming across as desperate.
That is not going to work in your favor.
If your ex does come back, they will take you for granted and the relationship will never be a partnership.
While you are taking a break from how do you get your ex back, concentrate on yourself.
Think about what you want out of life.
Set some goals, even if they are short-term goals and begin working towards achieving them.
Find a hobby, go out with friends, try new things and focus on living for a while.
If you are involved in projects and activities, you are not at home wallowing.
It will also give you something to talk with your when it is time to see your ex again and begin learning how do you get your ex back.
If they haven't heard from you in a while, they may be worried.
Chances are good that they will call you to make sure you are okay.
This is a perfect opportunity to get together and catch up on each other's lives.
When you meet, keep the conversation light.
Focus on some of the things you have been doing with your time.
Make your ex laugh.
Encourage them to talk about themselves.
Show that you are interested in how they spend their time.
Ask about their family or friends that you have not seen since the break up.
When taking the steps on how do you get your ex back, the first meeting should be short, perhaps a quick latte at a favorite coffee shop.
This will give you the opportunity to suggest getting together again to catch up some more.
It will also help both of you relax and have the time to see what attracted you to each other in the first place.
They may reconsider everything they thought they knew about you.

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