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While you are considering replacing your outdoor furniture cushions you should go the next step and fix up the furniture itself. Then those new custom made or store bought replacement cushions will have a better looking piece of furniture to sit on, and they wont be detracted from by sitting on that same old worn out furniture.

Fixing up your furniture can take on a lot of issues and well try to help you generally figure out your options for repairing the old patio furniture.

There are definitely alternatives to throwing away that old furniture and replacing it with new patio furniture. You can give new life to items that youd otherwise take to the junk heap by purchasing an appropriate furniture repair kit.

Some examples of things that can be repaired would be helpful. As long as the basic framework of your vinyl strap chairs is solid, if the straps have become undone they can be fixed.

If your cushions have become faded or torn, they can possibly be repaired. Sometimes just a small part can be replaced and the piece will work like new. Old furniture will spring to life if small parts can be replaced.

If you dont feel like approaching these repairs yourself because you feel a little intimidated, there are commercial services you can locate who will be happy to take on an overhaul of your patio furniture by repairing, renewing and refurbishing them. If you want to look for one of these furniture repair kits for yourself, they can be found online at various specialty sites or likely at your own home and garden shops in your area.

If your furniture has vinyl strapping for example there are kits that come with 200 feet of vinyl, a measuring tape, some work gloves, all the fasteners and rivets youll need for the project, a tool to cut the vinyl after you measure the lengths you need and an instruction booklet if you need to read up on the process. Choosing the colors you want for the vinyl strapping and the appropriate widths you need is all you have to concern yourself with. You can match the style of rivet you have.

Any other restoration projects using fabrics on your chairs, chaise lounges or outdoor swings can also be taken on yourself. The main supplies you need here are the proper high quality fabric and some clearly written instructions. When refurbishing cushions yourself you will still need to make the proper measurements to get the replacement fabrics cut to the right sizes for your cushions. The best outdoor fabrics should be used and they are usually made from vinyl coated polyester thread that has been woven into a mesh fabric. You also have the choice of using heavy duty canvas materials that come in a variety of colors and are usually stain, mildew and fade resistant.

If youre lucky enough to only need a single part then those can usually be found easily. Replacing a single part should usually be a simple job that you could undertake on a quiet Saturday afternoon.

Invest a little time seeing what needs repairing and if you need a full furniture repair kit they are easy to find.

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