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Bagel camp into a Chinese kitchen occupy the southwest sector of the dark horse - bagel, water heate

Recent years, China
Industry more than 10% of its annual sales volume of high growth and become
Home Appliances
The focus of much attention in the industry. According to analysis, the current industry competition pattern of Chinese kitchen has taken shape, including Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and southwestern three camps. The Guangdong camp in Vantage, the highest Stewart as the representatives; Zhejiang camp to Shuaikang, boss, Ying Qi as the representatives; Southwest camp Zeyi forward, bagel represented. Southwest Kitchen camp after years of development and the shuffle, industry has gradually matured, and out of the original price war in Guangdong traditional tactics, there has been a large number of high-premium kitchen brands, such as bagel.

Chongqing bagel
Kitchen appliances
Bagel Group Co., Ltd. of Taiwan in the mainland
A wholly owned subsidiary, after 18 years of marketing efforts, bagel rely on an excellent product quality, good brand reputation and won many
The favor, and became the dark horse of Chinese kitchen industry, successfully jumped the ranks of high-premium kitchen brand.

Perfect quality makes bagel brand

Quality is the basis for brand success. Kitchen appliances Co., Ltd. Chongqing bagel with excellent
Production equipment
And social responsibility and mission, successfully developed in 2003, the industry's first platform does not use
And any external
Power supply
Water heater
?? Spontaneous
Water Heater
To create a gas appliance industry wonders, and obtained international patents. Bagel With the advantages of this technology to maintain industry pioneer status. In 2005, the bagel once again lead a strong start the water heater pressure release CFD low, lay low pressure area in one fell swoop the promotion of basic water heater.

As the company continues to grow, the end of 2005, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, a full range of bagel
Kitchen appliances
Ground breaking production base, and put into production in 2006. In order to meet greater demand, bagel in 2007 sanxikou Beibei Chongqing covers an area of 3 million square meters Bagel Co., a full range of kitchen appliances, kitchen appliances production base broke ground, and is expected in October 2008 can be production. 2008 bagel ushers in a full set of equipment imported from Germany home
And variety of green R & D
Environmentally friendly kitchen products; the same time, bagel

Strong emission water heater thermostat mass balance production, the new bagel will take off again.

Good cast bagel brand reputation

Homogeneity in the product today, a good reputation has become a competition of various kitchen appliance manufacturers a powerful weapon. Bagel official said, to do business is life, life stress is word of mouth, which is always teaching staff bagel company credo, a good business reputation, and reputation like its community, and reputation of a transfer to dozens 100, today's word of mouth to become tomorrow's performance, the performance of tomorrow
Acquired the brand, the only way companies can in the fierce competition in the market is always invincible.

Are also with a good reputation, bagel in China
Market Kitchen
Contributions can be repeated on the construction, accounting for a growing market share. In 1992, the bagel was first introduced in mainland China fully automatic high flow water heater China Gas Association won the gold medal first appraisal; in 1998 the British SGS Company's ISO9001 quality demonstration; in 1999 as the "Daily" and the CCTV Survey Center Consumers love the brand across the country daily water heater class rating of only one of three brand list; in 2005, according to product quality, brand recognition, industry innovation and contribution of a number of indicators, easily won the Central Light Quality Assurance Center promulgation of hair "Chinese famous brand" qualification proof ... ...

Has always been a bagel with perfect quality and good reputation, successfully cast the bagel in this high-premium brand. 1989-2008, the bagel people to pursue the perfect quality and the world has never changed the original purpose of the brand, they based in Chongqing, the whole world in Baiji, in "community of life" concept and
All together towards a better tomorrow. 2008 will be a year of rapid expansion bagel, bagel brand of globalization will be the beginning!


Chongqing Bagel Co., Ltd. is located in Chongqing, kitchen appliances, high in the region north of New City, the company covers an area of about 3 million square meters. After 18 years of market-proven, tens of millions of user experience, bagel human excellence, in good faith for the guidelines, working kitchen product research, development and manufacture, to build China's top brand kitchen appliances responsibility, now has a water heater,
, Range hood,
Disinfection cabinet
, Europeanization of five series more than a hundred varieties of kitchenware products.

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