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Type of Wood Finishes


    • Wood finishes are classified into two types based on how they cure: Evaporative finishes such as lacquer and reactive finishes such as oils.


    • "True oil" finishes such as linseed and tung oils polymerize from a liquid to a solid when used, and help strengthen the wood's cured finish.


    • Varnishes are a blend of synthetic resins and oils. They provide a protective, transparent surface that allows the wood's natural appearance to show through in gloss, semi-gloss or satin finishes.


    • Semi-transparent and semi-solid wood stains accentuate the beauty of the wood grain, and protect its surface without changing its natural appearance other than a slight coloration.


    • Water-based finishes are environmentally friendly and nonflammable. They are basically latex paints that contain no pigmentation.


    • Shellac is a natural resin with a dark finish. It comes in liquid or flake form, both of which must be mixed with alcohol before use to attain the desired thin consistency.

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