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Auto Insurance Online Quote - Get the Best Rate

Looking for auto insurance online can save you time and money.
By going to an insurance comparison website to look for auto insurance, you can get quick quotes from multiple A-rated companies, which you can compare to be sure you're getting the best rate.
Getting Started When you go to the insurance comparison website, you complete a short form with personal information, such as your name, address, and age.
You also enter information about your vehicles and driving habits, including: * The year, make, and model, of your car.
* You car's VIN number.
* Safety features in your car, such as airbags and a theft prevention device.
* The number of miles you drive each year.
* Any tickets or accidents you've had.
Getting the Best Rate You'll also need to decide what coverage amounts and deductibles you want.
Changing your amounts and deductibles can change your rate quite a bit.
Note that the best insurance comparison websites let talk with insurance professionals through an online chat service, so ask if you have any questions as you complete the form.
(See link below).
Keep these tips in mind as you set your coverage amounts and deductibles: * Most states have minimum limits you need to meet.
You can go to your state's Department of Insurance website to find out what the limits are in your state.
* Decide if you want comprehensive and collision coverage.
Collision coverage pays to repair or replace your car after an accident, while comprehensive coverage pays if your car falls victim to a natural disaster, vandalism, or theft.
However, both cover only up to the Blue Book value of your car.
If your car is over five years old, you may want to drop these coverages altogether.
* If you want comprehensive and collision coverage, decide what deductible you want.
The higher your deductible, the lower your premium.
You also want to make sure you get all the discounts you qualify for.
Does your vehicle have an anti-theft device? Can you put your home insurance with the same company so you get a multi-policy discount? Ask the insurance professional about additional discounts.

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