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Care For Your Garden Furniture

Most of us work pretty hard on maintaining our gardens. We work out every minor detail of ambiance and stuff like that. However, while choosing furniture for our garden, some of us tend to make uninformed decisions. Many people feel that wooden garden furniture should be the only option for any person's garden. Anything else is far from acceptable. This is because gardens are about getting close to nature. Using synthetic material for your garden furniture is like defeating its own purpose!

Why Go Wooden?

Wooden furniture blends well with your garden. They are better than anything else when it comes to appearance. They are available in all styles: retro, classic, antique, modern, and even eccentric. As opposed to any other type of furniture, it's classy. The only issue with them is, perhaps, that they are prone to wear and have a shorter life than those made of synthetic materials. But, that's the case with almost all outdoor furniture. With proper care and maintenance you can make sure that your elegant wooden garden furniture lasts long. Even though it adds significantly to your garden's watch list, it's always worth it. Besides, if you weren't the hard working type, you probably wouldn't bother with the whole garden thing in the first place anyway.

Maintaining Wooden Furniture

This article here deals with some of the basic things that you should keep in mind if you have wooden furniture adding to your garden's elegance outdoors.


It is the most basic yet the most important task. Always clean your furniture regularly at fixed intervals of time. This will significantly increase your garden furniture's life. It is advisable not to use any chemicals for this purpose. You should use a mild soap solution and spray it on your furniture. Alternatively, you can soak a cloth in that solution and wipe the surface evenly. Remember to wipe it with another clean and dry cloth immediately after applying that solution. Otherwise, you might end up putting ugly stains on your costly furniture.


Wooden furniture is highly prone to destruction by the weather. It is advisable to use commercial protectors depending upon your local climate.

If you receive considerable rainfall in your area, you should choose oil or wax based protector. It will not allow water to stay on the surface by actually repelling it away. However, you will have to wipe off your wooden garden furniture after every rainfall to prevent it from mould growth.

On the contrary, if you live in a sunny area you should opt for a protector that provides protection against discoloration and drying out due to prolonged exposure to sunshine. You should also look for protectors that provide UV protection.

Cover Up

Apart from these, you should consider covering up your furniture with cloth covers when not in use. If you are not using your wooden garden furniture sets for an extended period of time, you should store them indoors. Many people tend to neglect the lower part of furniture while covering. Try to cover your furniture in a way that there isn't any space left for dust to enter.

Wooden garden furniture is known for its aesthetic value. Do not neglect its maintenance and enjoy the beautiful view of you garden over a cup of coffee!

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